A Crohnies Prayer


crohnie prayer black and whiteLord as the day is set before me….

Help me keep the plans that I’m looking forward too.

Let me smile through all the pain.

Remove all the worry from my family’s heart.

Oh Lord…please let me hold it together while on these steroids.

Will you allow me to see the positive in the things that surround me.

Please guide all the doctors decisions on what’s next for me.

Show me how I can use these challenges to help others.

Help me educate myself on the best treatment options.

Bring the right people into my life today.

Let this make-up cover these dark circles and pale cheeks.

Please…please…please I’m not asking for much, let there be toilet paper in this bathroom.

Give me a restful night without a bag leak.

Bring that nurse in to tell me I’m being discharged today.

Give me enough energy to cook a nice dinner for my husband tonight.

Hug my body tight and ease this joint pain.

Lord, thank you for another day to fulfill your plan.


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