Your Greatest Fear Could Be Your Biggest Opportunity

Have you ever had dreams or goals so big they scared you? Good! Now that I have you thinking about your dreams and goals let’s dig a little deeper.  Ask yourself…

What are you so scared of? Is it that someone is going to think it’s a bad idea or think you’re crazy. Who cares what other people think, it’s your dream not theirs. This dream is planted in your heart and mind. You don’t need anyone else’s approval – just your own!

How long have you had this dream or goal? If it’s been years, what are you waiting for? The stars to align and someone to knock on your door with a million dollars to get you started?

What part of the dream scares you the most? Is it the financial part or the unknown? Could it be your lack of knowledge in the area? I bet you know of someone or somehow that you could overcome these challenges. Maybe talk to a financial planner to see how you can start saving to get to where you want to be. Maybe find out who is more knowledgeable in that area and learn from them.

What are you going to do today to move closer to your dream? Pick up the phone and make that call you’ve been putting off. Go visit that place you’ve had your eye on for a while now. Maybe it’s time to send that email and schedule that meeting. How about carve out sometime on the calendar to plan and focus on your dream this week?

All it takes is one small step to crush fear and open opportunity. 

The definition of fear isto be afraid of (someone or something) as likely to be dangerous, painful, or threatening. 
I bet your dream is not seen as dangerous, painful, or threatening – is it? No, of course not – your dream can help people. It can grow your community. It can help your family. It can make you a better person. 

Working towards your dreams and goals are hard and there will be some setbacks and times you fall short, and wonder if you are doing the right thing. With all those setbacks and hard days come wisdom and lessons so that your dreams can live out their fullest potential. 

As I type these words, fear is creeping in. I’m wondering if I have everything grammatically correct or if it’s going to make sense to the reader. I could let that fear overcome me so much that I never post this – believe me, I’ve let that happen more than you know. I will have some people proof read this for me though, Ha! I know there is someone out there that doesn’t care that I’m not a professional writer, they just needed to read these words to get them going towards their dream.

Move your fear out-of-the-way so you can get to your opportunity!

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